About 2AJ Production



Founded in 2010, 2AJ Music Production Limited set out itself to be a leading music and video production. This honorable licensed production operates in Ghana and can be found in the Garden City, Kumasi to be precise. Our office is located at Abuakwa-Housing in Kumasi. 2AJ Music Production has two (2) studios for both video and audio production. This production is into artiste management and since its establishment; many artiste has worked with us which all of them are members of MUSIGA. Due to this, we really help the young ones to show their talents in the gospel field. This tells you we basically work on only gospel music.


2AJ Music Production mission is to:

⦁ Provide high quality affordable sound contracts.

⦁ Create and provide long term relationship with clients.

⦁ Bring out young musical talents to the world (Expert in bringing up children who have the real talents in the gospel industry).

⦁ Improve our services continuously.

⦁ Maintain professional relationship with our dedicated gospel artiste by encouraging them to achieve the highest standards of performance.

⦁ Train the young talent to know more in the music industry.

⦁ To use our artiste to preach the gospel of God to the world.


The vision at 2AJ Music Production is of a highly trained and efficient team of production and customer service personnel, ready for anything the gospel industry is in need of. To use this venture to spread the word of the Most High God.


At 2AJ Music Production, every person in our production is a member of the team and a team player with the expectation and need that they perform their duties to their fullest capacity and potential. Our objective is commitment to the highest quality production of music and videos. Our clients’ satisfaction is our focus, since our events help to bring people to God, we always do organize more of it to achieve our goals. Since this production is into artiste management and aiming more to help the young gospel talent, Odehyieba Priscilla Agyemang was discovered and now she leads as the main artiste and face of 2AJ Music Production. Due to our hard working abilities, Odehyieba Priscilla Agyemang is known all over the world. The award-winning twelve year artiste is very powerful and through her music, souls are been saved. On her credit, she has three (3) albums;

⦁ Monkae Atenmuda (Remember the Judgment Day)

⦁ Edin Bi Agye Me (Saved By the Name Jesus)

⦁ Bone (Sin)

The sensational youngest gospel artiste in Ghana has been doing great works to help the needy in Ghana by the support of her management and fans. She helps the widows, orphans, the sick, and so on. The youngest gospel artiste is really an inspiration to the youth all over the world. She has over Two Hundred Thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel to showcase her live videos. Currently, Odehyieba Priscilla Agyemang is trending on all social media handles to inspire people and introduce Jesus Christ to her fans and the world at large.


⦁ Odehyieba Worships with fans

⦁ Odehyieba worships with market women

⦁ Before his throne (Yearly Programme)

⦁ Odehyieba worships with Sefwi Boodi

⦁ Odehyieba worships with Sefwi Debiso

⦁ Odehyieba stands in worship with Tamale

⦁ Odehyieba worships with Abidjan (Cote D’Ivoire)

⦁ Worship 360

⦁ Odehyieba worships with widows. Etc.

She has visited over six hundred (600) churches in Ghana now.


⦁ Odehyieba Priscilla Agyemang (Gospel Musician)

⦁ Obaapa Salomey (Gospel Musician)

⦁ Ama Bless (Gospel Musician)

⦁ Adomba Vic (Preacher)

⦁ Osei Blessing (Gospel Musician)

⦁ Marywus (Gospel Musician)


⦁ Mr. Joseph Asamoah Asiamah (C.E.O, General Manager)

⦁ David Ansah (Head Cinematographer)

⦁ Kofi Abrefa (Deputy Cinematographer)

⦁ Isaac Fosu Gyan ( Snr. Instrumentalist)

⦁ Prince Oppong Boakye (Head I.T. Personnel)

⦁ Osaberima Nana Appau (Artiste Promoter)

⦁ Akora Kwadjo Nyansafo (Broadcast Journalist)

This is the team that is working hard to achieve better goals.

PHONE: +233 (0) 20 60 11376 or +233 (0) 24 296 3015
E-MAIL: 2ajstudios73@gmail.com