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Odehyieba Priscilla Agyemang is a gifted young worshipper. She is 13 years old and hails from Wassa Akropong in the Western Region. The talented young Musician is currently staying under the care of her Manager 2AJ (Joseph Asamoah Asiama in Kumasi). Odehyieba worships with a touching heart and she is versed in music keys C, D and C-sharp. She released her debut Album “Monkae Atemuda“- Remember the Judgement day, with six  Tracks.

Odehyieba Priscilla is a gospel artist with years of experience as praise and worship singer. This lady has shared platforms with a few renowned gospel artists. Her vibrant, unique and charismatic voice carries power to soothe and touch the hearts of people everywhere. Her single song ‘Edin Bi Agye Me’ has propelled and given her the prospect to bring both her inspirational vision and wide range of influences to an audience hungry and thirsty for spiritual growth.  Download Odehyieba Videos. Click Here.

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What Happens When We Sing in Worship?

Singing has been a major part of my life, but I don’t assume you share my background. To appreciate this message you don’t even have to enjoy singing. But if that’s where you’re at, remember that God has a passion for singing. “Oh sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord all the earth … tell of his salvation from day to day” (Psalm 96:1-3; cf. Psalm 47:6).

The Bible contains over 400 references to singing and 50 direct commands to sing. We’re commanded twice in the New Testament to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16). New Song from Odehyieba. Edin Bi Agye Me.

Scripture doesn’t only speak about congregational singing–God can be honored when we sing alone or when soloists sing in the church. But it is clear that the dominant theme of Scripture is believers singing together. Jesus died to redeem a universal choir, and every individual voice matters. We are not called to listen to others sing or to sing by ourselves. We are called to sing together. The question is not, “Do you have a voice?” The question is, “Do you have a song?” If you’re redeemed by Christ’s cross then you do have a song.

There is power in worshipping God. If we want to see breakthroughs in our life and in the lives of others, then this is the time to enter into deeper levels of worship both personally and corporately. It is only as we ascend to the throne room in worship that we can descend back into the harvest field here on earth, praying and warring for victory in every area of life. When you and I come boldly to God’s throne in worship, He gives us His plans and strategies for our lives here on earth. There is no way that we can walk in His peace, power, and perfect plan without a lifestyle of worship.