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Odehyieba Priscilla Agyemang is a gifted young worshipper. She is 13 years old and hails from Wassa Akropong in the Western Region. The talented young Musician is currently staying under the care of her Manager 2AJ (Joseph Asamoah Asiama in Kumasi). Odehyieba worships with a touching heart and she is versed in music keys C, D and C-sharp. She released her debut Album “Monkae Atemuda“- Remember the Judgement day, with six  Tracks.

Odehyieba Priscilla is a gospel artist with years of experience as praise and worship singer. This lady has shared platforms with a few renowned gospel artists. Her vibrant, unique and charismatic voice carries power to soothe and touch the hearts of people everywhere. Her single song ‘Edin Bi Agye Me’ has propelled and given her the prospect to bring both her inspirational vision and wide range of influences to an audience hungry and thirsty for spiritual growth.  Download Odehyieba Videos. Click Here.



A star of a young age, singer Odehyieba had recorded three Ghanaian TWI albums and won numerous awards by the time she was 12.

She recorded her first album, MONKAE ATEMUDA (Remember the judgement day) in 2017.

Odehyieba real breakthrough into gospel music stardom came in august 2017 when she was discovered by a royal and humble God fearing sound engineer JOSEPH ASAMOAH ASIAMA, popularly known as 2AJ, at a certain village, during a program hosted by the Methodist youth ministry at WASSA AFRANSIE-it was the youth ministry camp meeting. Mr Asiama went to the camp meeting because his leading artist OBAAPA SALOMAY was invited to minister at the camp meeting.

Odehyieba at that time was called to come and pave a way for the guest artist to come and minister. Under this situation Odehyieba’s current manager 2AJ, saw what is in this little girl and decided to go in terms with Priscilla’s parents and bring her to Kumasi and train her to become a great young gospel musician.

Mr Joseph Asamoah came to Kumasi and returned to WASSA AKROPONG for Odehyieba Priscilla. Terms were agreed by the parents and 2AJ. Odehyieba now came to Kumasi with her manager and the training begun.

She wasn’t taking things easily during her first and second week stay in Kumasi, but the God fearing manager keeps on doing a great job for her to catch up fast. Now everything her manager said to the little Odehyieba, she was getting to it step by step. The God given gift was now growing.  The first video of the young talented gospel new star was done, and this was the whole plan. Mr Joseph sat on the keyboard, his wife Mrs. Patricia Anaa holding a smart phone as the cinematographer and Odehyieba Priscilla Agyeamang doing her own thing, singing from her heart in tears.

This short video was posted on the social media, and it went globally .People started sharing, and their interest was growing in a higher state.


She was born on August 14, 2006, in WASSA AFRANSIE in the Western Region of Ghana.

She is the third born of four girls to Mr Appiah Kubi and Madam Doris Bogyah.

She grew up in a Christian home, so all her singing abilities started from the church, becuase her mother normally takes all the children to church.

At the age of four, little Pricy started schooling at NEW CO-OPERATE ACADAMY School at WASSA GYAMANG NKWANTA.

During her primary education she also went to ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL at WASSA AKROPONG .The last school Priscilla attended before leaving to Kumasi was RIVERS COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, also at WASSA AKROPONG.

When her manager brought her to the city to help her in her musical field, he took it upon himself to build her academically. So he took her to one of the expensive schools in Kumasi, which she still schools there now. Odehyieba is among the best students at JOHN WILLIAM MONTESORY SCHOOL. Aside her musical talent, she is also good in using bees to make ear rings, necklace, bags and so on.


Mr Joseph Asamoah Asiama, 2AJ ,who was known in the music industry as a popular sound engineer and a producer, who has his own recording studio at Kumasi. Odehyieba quickly capitalized on her new found fame, and the available equipment in her managers studio ,releasing a new album MONKAE ATEMUDA in 2017.The album showcased the coming of Jesus Christ ,and how everyone will be judge according to his or her deeds. This album was very powerful and touching, with a nice video to prove what she really meant in the whole concept. During these days, her management team tried their possible best to push her forward by taking her to radio stations for live worship and more.

It has been a big question many people has been asking, why Odehyieba cries when singing?

In an interview with Odehyieba the continental worshiper ,she said ,she at times cries during her ministration because she sings from her heart and also she thinks of where she comes from, this makes her cries more .furthermore ,she said , some words in some of her chosen songs touches and reflects her own life ,that why she cries .

Her kindness heart and the unique gift of Odehyieba Priscilla took her to every home in the world at large, mind you ,short videos of the continental worshiper is on everyone’s phone ,day in day out her fans keeps on increasing.

Moreover ,Mr Joseph Asamoah Asiama (2AJ) ,made a promise that, the youngest gospel star is in to stay in the gospel industry in the world, so Odehyieba came with her super duper album EDIN BI AGYE ME(saved by the name Jesus).

This powerful album made wave in the industry and the twelve year super star won two awards from it.

Again, Odehyieba now moves from stages to stages to minister. This made her fans proud and gave her the name the CONTINENTAL WORSHIPER. Lives and souls are being saved through the hands and anointing upon the continental little worshipper.

On the august 14th, which is her birthday, she made the decision with her management team to celebrate this special day in her life with widows, orphans, and the needy. This made her give out over hundred bags of rice, cooking oils, cloths, books, school bags, and more to the needy.

In her kind hearted moves, she and her management in support from her fans build a nice house for one widow and her five children at Kumasi. Given is part of her ministry, so she always do give to the poor.

Nana Adwoa Agyeamang Odehyieba, has her own events, which the Lord God uses the continental worshiper to bless His people.


*Odehyieba worship with fans

*Odehyieba street worship

*Odehyieba worship with the widows

*Before His Throne


After all this great achievements ,great works by the continental worshiper and her management team, her social media followers keeps on increasing day in day out. Testimonies flew in always; because she is dominating the charts all over the world .Odehyieba remains the powerful leading gospel artist in the world at large.

The year 2019, she got her first international program in IVORY COAST, and it was amazing.

During her ministration, the people were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and was fallen under the anointing.



Tel: +233 206011376

+233 2963015

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