Marriage Rights

To understand contemporary marriage and to protect it, we must understand the great subject of RIGHTS and LIBERALISM, creeping in (ha! ENFORCED) everywhere. This liberalism has now become the beating heart of modern matrimony. They say, it beats the daylights right out of matrimony.

Marriage is the only most important CONTRACT of them all. Or it used to be.

Why most important?

Because we really LIVE inside a MARRIAGE, not so much in any specific country, climate, government or economy. It constitutes a state within a state, supposedly a fortress against danger, a refuge from the storm, and a sympathetic helping hand in all peril. Or, at least, it used to constitute shelter, love and protection. This is the way it should be. It certainly was once.

Today, a married woman has a right to legally deny all sex in marriage! A wife, who may have never worked a day in her life and brought nothing into the marriage apart from her ego has also a right to steal half of the husbands estate (if he has one), destroy the marriage and the kids; certainly to utterly devastate her husband. Perhaps, additionally, she has a right to enslave the guy with years of alimony while she entertains her new lovers with his money. I am not saying that any particular woman would do it. I am saying that she has a legal RIGHT to do it.

The same “Rights” apply in reverse. Say, the woman has big property and works and her guy devotes himself to booze, drugs and adultery. This husband has a legal right to rob and devastate his woman in the same grandiose manner.

Instead of protecting, marriage has become a legal mechanism for injuring and robbing each other. Perhaps, this might be a good time to read 2 Tim. 3:1-5? We do live in perilous times. Children of a broken marriage often tend to just die internally. They need a caring, natural father and mother.

THESE RIGHTS ACTUALLY RENDER ANY MARRIAGE CONTRACT WORTHLESS. What’s more, these “Rights” may actually constitute an incentive for, a reward for utmost treason. They promote disaster. Marriage has become now a joke (not very funny). Marriage today rests only on what two people may want (or decide), not on any contractual obligation. You can buy a car or even furniture on an enforceable contract, but your marriage contract is just about worthless.

So much for the RIGHTS in marriage. Have you considered that we seem to live inside a cloud of exploding rights? How about the rights of homosexuals? Or of pedophiles (child rapists)? Somebody said legalizing the latter is just a question of time. How about the rights of CHICKENS? Or of PIGS? Or BACTERIA or, maybe, the rights of a growing FUNGUS? No, I haven’t lost my reason. Yet.

You don’t think they should have rights? IF WE ALL EVOLVED TOGETHER, then why should women have rights, but bacteria to have no rights? Is that discrimination?

Here is a reported quote from Luciferian (some say Global Elite) secret instructions (of long ago):

“Their society had been operating before in a system of strict but just checks and balances, called Rules or Laws. These are Rules by which a society functions rules for honesty in commerce, rules for the enforcement of social justice and security, rules for marriage, rules for the upbringing of children.
“For this objective we have invented various RIGHTS, new laws, which undermine the existing functioning of the strict but just checks and balances which have protected their society.
“We must work to ensure that these unthinking beasts can never again teach their people that privileges and freedoms must go with responsibilities and obligations.
“The RIGHTS we propose must promote rebellion among this livestock cattle on all levels, the rebellion of wives against their husbands, of children against their parents, of criminals against society and violent crowds against their government.
“We must promote everything which Christianity forbids and oppose everything which Christianity promotes. Evil must multiply, so that Lucifer can reign here one day!

Can you believe it? You make up your own mind what these devils really want and how much they have already achieved.

Marriage now is wrought with extreme hazard, don’t kid yourself. More than half the nation is divorced.

All the above is not written to discourage marriage. IT IS WRITTEN TO OPEN YOUR EYES. Most or nearly all your protection of marriage must be completed BEFORE MARRIAGE, by means of investigating your partner, additional enforceable prenuptial contracts and proper economic planning to make divorce unprofitable to a (possible) rebel.

This is a vast subject. The reference given below is an excellent start and, to my mind, essential reading.

Today’s marriage must be set up with enforceable premarital contracts, regarding property and future acquisitions, and entered into after carefully checking out each other (I don’t men as nudists). It should be voluntarily set up according to BIBLICAL guidelines or it just won’t work. Great losses can be pre-planned for either partner who may want to separate.