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Obaapa Salomey


Obaapa Salomey is one of the firsts in 2AJ Music Production. Her soft soothing voice can mend broken hearts

Obaapa Salomey

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Adomba Vic


Adomba Vic is a gospel preacher. Motivational and Inspirational utterances from her mouth really attest to the saying in the Holy Bible that in the last days God shall pour the gift of the Holy Spirit upon children.

Adomba Vic


Osei Blessing


Osei blessing, a half-blind 11 year boy has proven to the world that disability doesn’t result in inability. After been signed by 2AJ Music Production, Osei Blessing shook the world with his amazing voice. He is now one of the most streamed gospel musicians in the world.

Osei Blessing

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