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“I long for your salvation, O Lord, And your law is my delight”.

[Psalm 119:174]


David says, I am eagerly expecting something to come from your hand. During that time of waiting with longing and expectation, your law is my delight..

Expectations can be positive, but it can also be negative, as with Job who confessed “What I dreaded has come upon me”. And when your expectation is negative, what needs to take place is a renewing of your mind. Renewal will happen when God’s word, His law, is your delight..

Expectations, sometimes very unrealistic, and the pressure to perform, can run high in all spheres of life, be it your work, your relationships, your ministry etc. and cause stress that can even affect your physical health and well-being..

Expectation – the worldly view:

In the world, there are some people who do not expect anything at all, fearing disappointment. And some others maintain an attitude of indifference, content to face anything that happens, in other words, just letting things happen. But with God, it is radically different..

Expectation – the scriptural view:

With God, it is part of the faith process. For when you hear from God, believe, confess and act upon it, then you need to expect. Faith is not wishful thinking. Faith is finite. It is reaching your target. When you go to God in faith, you also need to believe that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. Even a cup of cold water that you offer to a person who needs it will not be without its reward..

Lord Jesus, our greatest Teacher, taught by example as He walked on earth, that He expected a hundred percent result. “Where are the other nine ?” was His question to the one leper who returned to thank Him for cleansing him of the disease. When God has promised you something, you need to expect that it will certainly happen. Scriptural expectation is connected to God’s word, which is unchanging and can never fail. It is expectations from people that may not be always fulfilled, as people can change, and can sometimes let you down..

But the question of time, ‘how long,’ has to be left in the hands of God, for time has no place in heaven. And then as you keep studying about the glory of heaven, your mind will get renewed. But even then when it really happens you will find that the reality is far greater than all your imagination ! In all that He has promised you, God will certainly do beyond your expectation. And until then devote yourself to studying and examining the scriptures concerning it.


May The Sun (Son of Righteousness) come at the RIGHT time in all glory and bring to fulfilment the promises for my life.


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